A Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City May Help Clients Prevent Long-Term Negative Consequences

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

The goal of a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City is to help get people out of jail while they are waiting on their case resolution. They have not yet been to trial and not been convicted of the charges. They have not pleaded guilty. Nevertheless, because they can’t afford to pay cash bail, they wait behind bars while their relatives and friends work out an arrangement to have a surety bond posted with the court.

Criticism From Other Countries

Many U.S. citizens feel angry when residents of other countries criticize various policies of the nation. However, some of them are bound to feel embarrassed when they read editorials originating in countries like England, criticizing the U.S. bail system. That system forces defendants to make tough choices, some of which have long-lasting negative effects. Admitting guilt in exchange for a plea bargain and release from jail, for instance, leaves the person with a permanent criminal history.

Criticism From Within the Nation

Many people in other countries, as well as many in the United States, are appalled that the matter of release before trial typically comes down to who can pay cash bail. Those who cannot stay locked up unless they can arrange for service from a Bondsman in Oklahoma City. With a 10-percent service fee required, some cannot even manage that. However, bonding agencies generally try hard to work with clients regarding affordable payment arrangements.

Also, a large number of feature stories have been published by U.S. newspapers and other media outlets focusing on the problem of holding so many men and women in jail before trial. Just one example focused on mothers of young children incarcerated for weeks and finally accepting a plea bargain just to get out.

Unexpected Consequences

Some advocates demand an end to cash bail altogether, but this can have unexpected consequences. Those consequences are not related to criminal defendants running away and not appearing at trial. Instead, judges get tougher on deciding who can be released and who cannot. Those deemed to be trustworthy enough are released on their recognizance. The rest have to stay in jail unless they receive help from an agency like A Absolute Bail Bonds.