What to Know When Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Jefferson Parish

by | May 13, 2021 | Bail Bonds Service

After a person is arrested and the booking and arraignment process is complete, they become eligible for bail. If bail is granted and the person doesn’t have the money to put up for their release, they need to contact a bail bondsman in Jefferson Parish. Individuals contacting a bail bondsman for the first time should follow the tips below to find a reliable service.

Make Sure the Bondsman is Licensed

All bail bondsmen must pass a test and earn their license from the state they’re doing business in. This is a minimum requirement. Reputable bondsmen have no problem giving their licensed information.


A bondsman pays a percentage of the bail that will get one out of jail. In addition to this payment, they also charge a fee. The fee varies from agency to agency, but in most cases, it’s 10% of the bail. If the person skips on their bail and doesn’t appear in court when requested, this is considered bail jumping. The bail bondsmen forfeit the money they put up for bail. However, they can legally hire a private detective to find and arrest the bail jumper. If this happens, the bondsman’s money will be returned.


A written contract is always a requirement for hiring a bondsman. If the bondsmen refuse to provide or sign a written contract, this is a red flag to look for another service.

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