Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of with Bail Bonds in Olathe, Kansas

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

Since the dawn of modern society, some businesses, individuals, and organizations have sought to take advantage of customers and clients. You should always exercise due diligence in shopping for bail bonds – or any service, for that matter. Here are signs of good providers of bail bonds in Olathe, KS, you should know about.

All Bondsmen Need Licenses

In Kansas, the Kansas Insurance Department issues licenses to individuals and businesses that have submitted exemplary applications to practice bail bonding within the Sunflower State. Bail bondsmen who don’t have active licenses don’t have a reputation to uphold, making it highly likely that you can get scammed. Always ask for a bail bondsman’s license number and wait to verify it with the Kansas Insurance Department before doing business with them.

Don’t Trust Unsolicited Bail Bondsmen

In today’s age, mugshots are posted to the Internet within minutes of people’s arrest.

Anybody is able to browse these up-to-date mugshots, browse through the Internet or phone books to find their family members’ phone numbers, and reach out to them with offers of bail bonding services. This is often a scam. Don’t trust bail bondsmen who you haven’t reached out to first.

Keep All Receipts

In many cases, clients are subject to at least small refunds of the premiums, fees, and charges they’ve given to bail bondsmen. While this isn’t always true, you’re more likely to receive a refund if you ask for an itemized receipt and keep up with it. Always be polite in doing this.

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