Commonly Asked Questions About Bail bondsmen in Huntsville AL

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

If you are arrested in the Huntsville, AL area, you will likely need a bail bondsman in order to get out of jail in a timely fashion. However, there are many questions that people have when it comes to using bail bondsmen in Huntsville, AL. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions.

How Long Does it Take?

Typically, the paperwork for making bail is simple and only takes around 15 to 20 minutes to fill out. Then, the paperwork has to be processed, which will typically take about an hour. However, the larger and the busier the jail is, the more time it will take for your paperwork to be processed. In some cases it can take up to 4 hours.

Why Can’t I Post Bail for Myself?

In some instances, especially for very minor infractions or for traffic violations, the courts will allow you to post a cash bond so that you can be released from jail. However, more local and state courts are requiring a bail bondsman to guarantee the bail regardless.

Is Collateral Needed to Post Bail?

In instances where your bail is set at a high number, which is something that occurs if its a serious crimes that you been charged with, the bail bondsman will post bail for you, but often times you or a family member will have to offer up collateral in order to have the bail bondsman agree to post a large sum in bail.

What Kind of Collateral Can I Use?

Collateral for bail can be anything that is owned outright by you or a family member. Jewelry, collectibles, real estate or vehicles are typical items that a bail bondsman will ask for in collateral in order for them to post bail.

Hopefully, you will never have to use a bail bondsmen Huntsville, AL. However, if you find yourself in a position where you’ve been arrested and you’re required to make bail and ordered to be released from jail, at least you will have a better understanding of how a bail bondsman works.

What’s more, you can have a realistic expectation regarding the time it will take and what will be expected from you after you make bail. Visit A Discount Bonding Co. Inc.for more information.