Essential Things to Know About Surety Bonds in Hudson, NY for Pretrial Release

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Surety bonds in Hudson, NY are offered to people acting on behalf of criminal defendants who cannot afford to pay bail. They also provide service to people who do not want to tie up a large amount of money with the court for a long time. Those defendants may feel that paying a private defense lawyer would be a better use of the funds.

Applications and Fees

Bonding agencies do not provide their service to everyone who asks. They require an application that must be approved by the agency, and the applicant also must pay a service fee that is a percentage of the bail. The application and approval process can take place at any day and at any time, even on a major holiday in the middle of the night.

Release on One’s Recognizance

Occasionally a defendant is released on their recognizance, meaning the judge allows pretrial release without the requirement of bail. This is the exception rather than the rule for now, although some jurisdictions in the country have been experimenting with making this a more common choice. The majority of defendants will be required to pay cash bail or have agencies post surety bonds in Hudson, NY for their release from jail.

Rules During Pretrial Release

A judge may set rules for the person who is out on bail or bond. Those rules must be followed strictly, or a warrant may be issued for the person’s arrest again. If the charges are related to alcohol or drugs, the defendant may be required to avoid the use of these substances and submit to regular testing until the case ends. GPS monitoring may be required for some defendants.

Distinct Advantages

There are distinct advantages to not having to wait in jail until trial with the assistance of an organization such as Business Name. The person can return to work and family, and will be better able to assist their lawyer to formulate their case. If the defendant stays out of trouble and acts as a model citizen, they will look more favorable in court. Visit our website to learn more.