Tips for Getting the Most from Bail Bondsmen in Williamson County, TX

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

Since 1990, at least 10 million arrests have been made in the United States every single year. Most arrested people get out of jail shortly after being booked thanks to bail bondsmen. Whether you’re trying to post bail for a loved one who’s currently in jail or are just curious about bail bonding, here are a few tips to improve your experience with bail bonds in Williamson County, Texas.

Know the Legal Limits

Premiums are charged on clients who purchase bail bonding services. These charges, known as premiums, range on a county-by-county basis throughout the Lone Star State. They can’t be below 10% of the incarcerated defendant’s bail or greater than 15%. Keep in mind that additional fees and charges are added to bail premiums, which are, in fact, legal, even if they exceed 15%.

Read the Contract You Sign

Dealing with Texas’ criminal justice system is nothing to fool around with. Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for before signing your name on any contracts, whether you’re bailing yourself out or helping a friend, coworker, neighbor, peer, or community member.

Ask for Bail Bonding Licensure

All bail bondsmen are required to have an active license with the state of Texas before providing bail bonding services – this is true for both Williamson County and the rest of Texas. Ask for your bail bondsman’s license before getting started.

We Work Wonders for Recently-Arrested People

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