A Bail Bondsman in Iowa City, Iowa Assists When Defendants Feel Their Rights Are Not Recognized

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

U.S. residents who have been arrested and charged with a crime have numerous Constitutional rights for their protection, but many defendants trapped in the system have become skeptical about this. The presumption of innocence is high on their list of priorities when they languish in jail for weeks or even months before trial. So is the right to a speedy trial. A bail Bondsman in Iowa City, Iowa can help some defendants be released from jail so they can return to work and family.

Presumption of Innocence

The presumption of innocence has more to do with how events unfold in the courtroom than what happens before the trial. A jury is instructed to presume the defendant is guilty until proven innocent. A judge setting bail, however, is not required to have this presumption. Bail is set relative to the severity of the allegations, as well as the defendant’s criminal background and general stability.

Skilled Legal Representation

The Constitution guarantees all defendants skilled legal representation even if they cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Defendants who cannot pay an attorney typically are represented by a public defender who, like the prosecuting attorneys, is employed by the government.

This right is crucial from the start, as the public defender explains to the judge why bail should be set low or why the person should be released before trial without bail. Since the service fee to a Bondsman in Iowa City, Iowa is a percentage of the cash bail, the defendant benefits greatly if bail is set relatively low.

A Jury Trial

The defendant has the right to a speedy trial by a jury of peers, but many men and women accept plea bargains offered by the prosecution. Often, this is the best option for them, especially if they actually committed the crime. They receive a lesser sentence than they probably would have otherwise and perhaps reduced charges. Unfortunately, some defendants accept this offer even if they are innocent because they are so anxious to be released from jail. Now they have a permanent criminal record. Getting help from an agency like Wildside Bail Bonds can be a better solution.