Bail Bonds in Norman OK: A Possible Option for Defendants Who Cannot Afford Bail

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Being arrested and taken to jail is a scary experience. Next comes the wait to learn whether bail will be set, if the person can be released without paying bail, or if the privilege of bail is denied by a judge. If bail is required for release, surety Bail Bonds in Norman OK provide a more affordable option when the defendant does not have that amount of cash.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Not everyone has a few certificates of deposit, a hefty money market account or an IRA that could be borrowed against. Instead, they might have a few hundred bucks in a checking account and may have no savings at all. This is relatively common when people live paycheck to paycheck. An agency providing bail bonds in Norman OK is ready to assist, with the service fee being only a fraction of the cash bail.

The Intention of Cash Bail

The concept of cash bail is intended to make sure defendants who are released before trial return for their scheduled court dates. Their bail is refunded if they do so. Yet about 60 percent of people being held in local and county jails are waiting for trial or another end to their case. They cannot afford bail. They have only been charged, not convicted. With so many men and women held in jail for weeks or even months before trial, bail reform advocates have found many people of influence joining their ranks.

Bail Reform Advocates

These aren’t just celebrities with no experience in the judicial system. The advocates include judges and chief justices, sheriffs and police officers, university professors, religious leaders and humanitarian organizations. People who identify as conservatives and those who are liberals both are calling for substantial modifications to the bail system.

In the meantime, however, many defendants will be required to pay bail or have an agency post a surety bond. Not everyone can afford this option either, but it is a welcome opportunity for those who can. Anyone who needs this type of assistance may get more updates online from an agency such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds.