A Fast Bail Bondsman in Stratford, CT

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When most people get arrested, they shudder at the thought of having to spend even one hour in jail, let alone a couple of days. This is what will happen, though, if they cannot afford the bail set by the judge. However, they can always talk to a bail bonds agency. There is a fast bail bondsman in Stratford, CT who will help defendants get out of jail quickly when they need or want to get out of jail until the court case. Here are some things to know about bail bonds agencies.

Understanding Bail Bonds Agencies

Bail bonds agencies are in place to help those arrested and are in a holding cell but want to go home. The bail bonds agency will charge a fee of 10 percent, and will also require collateral from the defendant to help ensure the full bail. The defendant is released as quickly as the process moves, which could be less than an hour or it could take several hours. Meanwhile, the defendant must keep a couple of things in mind.

More About Bail Bonds Agencies

The collateral accepted must have a significant value such as a car, a home, expensive jewelry, a boat, or some bonds. As long as the defendant shows up for all the court processes, the bail bonds agency will release the collateral at the end of the case, no matter what the outcome is. If the defendant does not show up for the court proceedings, the bail bonds agency will hold the collateral against the value of the full bail, and the defendant returns to jail. This is something the defendant should avoid at all cost.

A Bail Bonds Agency in Stratford, Connecticut

Defendants in Stratford, Connecticut who want to get released quickly can find many qualified bail bonds agencies in the area. Aces Bail Bonds, Inc. is an agency that provides services quickly for defendants in the Stratford, Connecticut area. Defendants looking for a fast bail bondsman in Stratford, CT can contact this agency. Schedule an appointment by visiting the website.