What Is a Cash Bail in Amsterdam, NY and How Does it Work?

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Someone arrested and charged with a crime will typically be given a bail amount they can pay to secure their release. In many cases, they will want to get help from a friend or family member to make sure the bail is paid promptly. One way they can do this is with a cash bail in Amsterdam, NY. Once the bail is paid, the accused will be released and is free until their hearings are done.

What Is a Cash Bail?

When someone pays a cash bail, they are paying the full amount of bail required by the courts for the accused to be released from jail pending the outcome of their case. The cash bail can be paid by anyone but does need to be paid in full. The money is then held by the Department of Finance until the case is finished.

Who Can Pay the Cash Bail?

Cash bail can be paid by the accused, a friend or family member, or a bail bondsman. The courts do not limit who can pay the cash bail, so long as the bail is paid in full.

Can a Cash Bail Be Refunded?

Yes, cash bail can be refunded, provided the accused attends their trial. If they do attend the trial, regardless of the outcome, the cash bond will be refunded back to the person who paid it. In most cases, the cash bail will be refunded within around eight weeks from the end of the trial.

What Happens if the Accused Doesn’t Attend the Trial?

If the accused doesn’t attend their trial, the cash bail is considered forfeit. This means the person who paid the cash bail is no longer eligible for a refund of the money used. It is sometimes possible to reverse the forfeit, but it depends on the judge and the reason the reversal is requested.

If your loved one has been arrested, they may have been given a bail amount that can be paid to secure their release. A bondsman can help pay the cash bail in Amsterdam, NY so they will be released quickly. Visit us online now to learn more about the help available for you and your loved one.