A Fort Worth Bondsman Helps Defendants Get Out of Jail When Money for Bail Is a Problem

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Cynics regarding the U.S. justice system say that money buys freedom. That can be the case with defendants who can afford high-priced defense attorneys and those who can pay cash bail for their release. People with no money don’t enjoy these privileges. Nevertheless, some of them may be able to have a Fort Worth Bondsman post a surety bond for their release.

Support for Bail Reform

Texas has seen strong support for bail reform ever since a jail inmate committed suicide in 2015. She had only been behind bars for three days. Texas lawmakers have attempted to pass reform measures twice since then, but the efforts so far have been unsuccessful. One problem is that reform advocates disagree on how to modify the system.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Representatives of the judicial system may remind their constituents that the concept of innocent until proven guilty is a component of court trials, not of what happens after men and women are arrested on criminal charges. Judges in most jurisdictions are not required to consider the defendant’s income when setting bail. Instead, judges consider the severity of the charges and the person’s criminal history. They also determine whether this individual seems to be a flight risk.

Bail Schedules

In most jurisdictions, a bail schedule is posted that covers a large number of relatively common offenses. Now, bail is set according to this schedule rather than by a judge. If the defendant hopes to have that amount lowered, this might be accomplished at an arraignment. The defense lawyer presents the case for reduced bail, but the judge may deny the request. A Fort Worth Bondsman may be the only option for release.

A Defendant’s Representative

When someone searches for Your Local Bail Bond Experts online, this person usually is a family member representing the defendant who doesn’t have the resources to do so in jail. This person can ask any questions from an agency such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds, including what the exact fee will be and whether a payment plan can be arranged. Many agencies allow this as long as a down payment is made for the surety bond.