Bail Bond Service in Contra Costa County CA After the Hearings are Complete

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

After an arrest, a family member may decide to help by obtaining a bail bond for the arrested person. They’ll need to go through a bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA to obtain the bond, after which the arrested person will be released from jail pending the outcome of their hearings. What many people wonder about, however, is what happens after the hearings are completed.

Sentencing for the Arrested Person

At the end of the hearings, if the arrested person is convicted of the crime they’re accused of, they’ll go through the sentencing. This may include jail time, which they’ll need to complete. If it doesn’t include jail time, they’ll need to follow any other sentencing guidelines given by the courts, but will not need to go to jail again. This does not impact the end of the bond itself, whether or not the person needs to return to jail.

End of the Bond Terms

When the hearings end, the bond is completed. The arrested person will need to complete the sentence given by the court, but they no longer have to adhere to terms of the bond like attending hearings. If the person who obtained the bond did so by using a deposit, they will not receive their money back as the deposit covers the fee for the bond service. If they used collateral to secure the bond, they’ll receive the collateral back.

Return of Collateral If Used

If the person who secured the bond did so by using collateral, the collateral will be returned to them. However, the will still need to pay the service fee for the bond. This is typically around 10% of the full bond amount. This ends the bond and releases the collateral, so they do not owe anything further.

If you have a family member who has been arrested, you may want to look into a bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA today to get help. Make sure you speak with them about anything you have concerns with, including the process of ending the bond once the hearings are completed. Browse our website today to learn more about bail bond services or to get help right away.