Using 24/7 Bail Assistance in Mount Vernon WA To Get Out Of Custody

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

The justice system can be difficult to understand sometimes. It’s rather easy for people who don’t work in the system to be confused by it. Bail is one of the subjects that might bring confusion to some people. How does it work? Is it guaranteed? How fast does it work? Those are just some of the questions that a person might have.

Must Be Charged

Although a person can call for 24/7 bail assistance in Mount Vernon WA after they are arrested, the company can’t act until charges have been officially filed and a judge has set a bail. It can take days for a person to be charged with a crime. Just because a person has money to secure their release doesn’t mean that they will get out of jail soon. A lawyer might help with speeding up the process, but there are no guarantees.


A defendant who is denied bail will not need 24/7 Bail Assistance in Mount Vernon WA. There isn’t anything that a bondsman can do if a judge denies a defendant’s bail. A lawyer will have to file an appeal and make an argument as to why their client should be issued a bail. Defendants can be denied due to the severity of the crimes they are accused of doing or because they are deemed flight risks. In some cases, denials are issued because defendants are considered to be dangers to society.

After Bail Has Been Paid

A defendant will usually not get out of jail as soon as their bond is paid. A defendant might have their bail paid in the morning and have to wait until the evening to be released. A defendant’s release has to be processed. A jail in the big city can be extremely busy. A defendant also has to be thoroughly checked out before being released. If there are any warrants for the person’s arrest, those jurisdictions will have to be contacted to see if they want to take the defendant into custody.

Anyone who wants to understand the bail process will have to do a little bit of research. It shouldn’t take too long to get a complete understanding of it. Get more information about bail by contacting a bondsman.