Bailing Loved Ones out in Madison, AL, Isn’t Assuredly Enabling Behavior

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

People who get arrested and jailed often have their lives turned upside down. While incarcerated, they’re unable to maintain employment, care for children, maintain relationships, plus getting arrested tarnishes their reputations. The notion that helping family post bail is enabling isn’t fair – learn why below.

Courts Statistically Fare Better Prosecuting Incarcerated People

People who are incarcerated are at a disadvantage as compared to people who are fortunate enough to be released prior to trial. Statistics show that incarcerated people aren’t as able to sufficiently defend themselves from prosecution as compared to people who are granted pretrial release. Helping others post bail by getting bail bonds in Madison, AL, before trial isn’t inherently enabling – it’s simply helping people get a fair chance of success.

Plea Deals Are Often Worse

Jailed people are often scared to go up against courts and fight their charges. Even innocent people have been shown to routinely take plea bargains and deals from prosecutors, fearing that not doing so would ultimately result in worse punishment. This simply isn’t fair.

Keeping Lives in Order Is Important

People can’t uphold structure in their lives while incarcerated. They need to post bail to uphold active employment, parent children, maintain relationships with significant others, and otherwise keep things in order. Being jailed even for just a few days essentially ensures people’s lives will crumble before being released.

Bail Bonding Isn’t Synonymous With Enabling

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