A Bail Bondsman in Fort Collins, CO Helps Defendants Who Can’t Afford Bail

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

Millions of people are arrested in the United States every year, and about half of them are required to pay bail or post a bond to be released from jail. A bail bondsman in Fort Collins, CO is ready to assist defendants who cannot afford cash bail. They can pay a service fee to have a surety bond posted instead.

A Brief History

Bail and bail bonds both have a long history. The concept of bail was developed as an incentive for defendants to return to court for trial instead of fleeing. The cash they pay is refunded as long as they do not run away.

The need for a bonds service became obvious early on since wealthy individuals could easily pay bail while others often could not. Sureties took various forms; sometimes another person of sound reputation would simply be allowed to vouch for a defendant. Today, defendants without enough money for bail can contract with a bail bondsman in Fort Collins, CO.

Constitutional Considerations

The U.S. Constitution states that jurisdictions cannot impose excessive amounts for bail. Nevertheless, this stipulation is essentially ignored most of the time because bail schedules and judges do not consider a defendant’s income or assets. The setting of bail is usually directly connected with the type of offense being alleged. It does not matter that defendants are supposed to be presumed innocent. They still stay in jail until they pay bail or have a bond posted. Contact our bail bondsman at Alda P & Ron’s Bonds to learn more about our bail service.