Find Affordable Bail Bonding Services Anytime of the Day or Night

by | May 29, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

When a person is arrested, they don’t want to have to stay in jail until their hearings. Unfortunately, they may not be able to pay the full bail amount on their own. Instead, they may call friends or family members for help. If the friend or family member can’t afford the bail either, they may need to look for affordable bail bonding services. This allows them to get the help they need to get the person out of jail quickly.

Soon after a person is arrested, the amount of their bail is set. This may be a standard amount, or they may have to go before a judge to find out how much they need to pay. As soon as they have this amount, a friend or family member can look for affordable bail bonding services in Ypsilanti to help them. If they receive a standard bail amount, they may find out how much it is in the middle of the night. The person helping them can then look for a bail bonding company that’s available 24 hours a day for help. They don’t have to wait for it to be regular business hours.

When the person finds a bail bonding company, the company will review the bail bond and its requirements with them. They are going to be responsible for making sure the person attends all their hearings. Otherwise, they may end up having to pay the full bail amount or forfeit their collateral. Once they agree to the terms of the bail bond, they can pay a percentage of the bond amount in cash or give the bondsman collateral that’s worth more than the bail amount. The bail bondsman will then pay the full bail amount to the jail on their behalf. Depending on how busy the jail is, the person may be released within just a couple of hours.

Once the bail amount has been set, the person doesn’t need to wait for the next business day to get help and get out of jail. There are affordable bail bonds that can allow them to get out of jail in just a few hours. Then, they can continue working and hire a lawyer to help them while they wait for the outcome of their case. Contact EZ1 Bail Bonds.