How Can A Watauga Bondsman Help You

by | May 29, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

In Texas, criminal defendants are released from the county jail after paying their bail or securing a bail bond. A bonding agent coordinates the defendant’s release once the payment is received. Hiring a Watauga Bondsman helps criminal defendants get out of jail faster.

Attend the Arraignment

The bail bondsman assists with bail requests. The agents aren’t attorneys who negotiate bail, but they can attend the arraignment and help the defendant get released faster. Once the bail is set, the bondsman can start the bonding process. The defendant or their representative must pay the bondsman a percentage of the bail. Collateral is provided when cash isn’t available to pay for the bond.

Released in the Bondsman’s Custody

Criminal defendants who don’t have an attorney could get released into the bondsman’s custody. Judges may agree to the release when defendants are classified as a flight risk. The bonding agents monitor the criminal defendant’s activity and prevent them from fleeing. Bonding agents also work as bounty hunters.

Help the Defendant Get Released

The bonding agents have connections with criminal court judges. Defendants who are arrested over the weekend could get released before Monday. However, the bonding agent must be able to get a judge’s signature on the release documents. Select bonding agents coordinate with criminal judges on weekends to get the documents filed quickly.

Assist the Defendant on Their Court Date

Defendants, who don’t have transportation get assistance from their bonding agent. The bondsman may provide transportation to the court date to prevent a failure to appear. If the defendant doesn’t appear, the bonding agent must provide the full bail to the court. The bondsman and the defendant avoid the repercussions if the defendant arrives at their court date.

In Texas, criminal defendants arrange their release after paying for a bail bond. The option is available after paying a percentage of the bail or providing collateral to secure the bond. Bonding agents help defendants get released on the weekend whenever possible. Additional services may be available such as assistance with transportation to the court date. Criminal defendants who need to hire a Watauga Bondsman are encouraged to contact Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds right now.