For Legal Trouble Call a Bail Bond Service in Stamford, CT

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When the unthinkable happens and a person finds themselves arrested and sitting in a jail cell, they should try to remain calm because there is hope. A bail bond service in Stamford, CT can help a person make bail and get out of jail while awaiting trial. While one is free, it is easier to find a good defense lawyer while out of jail; therefore, a good defense can be mounted against the charge. It is easier to find a good defense lawyer while out of jail. Whether the person is innocent or guilty, there is always hope of getting a better deal in the legal system if one is free while waiting for a trial. A bail bond service in Stamford, CT will take care of the bail bond for a fee.

What Do Bail Bond Services Do?

Why would someone need a bail bond service? If a person is arrested for a crime and sent to jail, they will have a bail bond hearing. At this hearing, a bond will be set for their release. This bond is to guarantee the suspect will stay in the area and show up for their trial or hearing. The bail bond can be set in the thousands of dollars. This amount will be paid to the court and then returned to the defendant when they show up for court. Most people have a hard time coming up with this large amount of money.

This is where bail bond services come in. They pay that bond for a fee taking a chance on the defendant showing up at court. They make their money on the fees they charge for paying the bond. But they are taking a risk because some people try to leave the area and hide. They are taking a risk that most of their clients will be honest and attend their hearing.

What Happens If a Person Does Not Show Up for Court?

If a person uses a bail bond service to pay their bail and then skips out, the bail bond people will lose money. However, the courts give the company a chance to find the defendant and return them to custody. The bail bond employees in charge of apprehending people who skip out on bail are determined individuals. They are paid to find, apprehend, and deliver the person to the legal system. If a person uses a bail bond service, they should do the honorable thing and show up for court. For more information, browse our website.