Social Media and Bail Bonds in Oklahoma

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Defendants who use bail bonds in Oklahoma have to understand that they are under an agreement with the court. Unfortunately, some defendants don’t fully understand that their bail can be revoked whenever the court feels there is a reason. Defendants should work hard to stay free and not give the court any reason to revoke their bail.

Enter Social Media

Social media a powerful force today. It’s something that defendants in criminal cases have to be careful with. It’s best for defendants to avoid social media altogether. They should only use it for business purposes. Using social media while a case is still working its way through the criminal justice is just too big of a risk. People never know who is watching their social media feeds. Anyone who needs help with bail can contact A Absolute Bail Bonds.

What Could Go Wrong?

So what could go wrong with bail bonds in Oklahoma and social media? If a person isn’t supposed to be drinking alcohol and posts a picture with a drink in their hand at a bar, they can be found in violation of their bail agreement. A person might post a picture smoking marijuana and also be found in violation. Maybe they make a threat online against an alleged victim in their criminal case and ruin the case completely.

What About Going Private?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with social media is thinking that making their pages private protects them. Other users can screenshot private posts and share them online. People should never assume that their posts are private. Defendants in criminal cases have too much to lose and can’t afford the risk.

Social media can get people into some serious trouble. Defendants who are already at risk of losing their freedom have to be extremely careful with their Internet activities. Avoiding social media altogether is the smartest thing to do for anyone who is out on bail and has a criminal case that hasn’t been resolved yet.