Learn More About Assault Bail Assistance in Hays County, Texas

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

While you will find that several factors determine how bail is set, certain key factors especially influence the bond amount. These factors include your age, any prior record of not appearing in court, your criminal history, and any current charges. The bond can be raised significantly if the charge is considered a felony.

When Bail Is Not Set

For instance, assault bail assistance in Hays County, Texas can be five to ten times more than misdemeanor charges due to the possibility of a flight risk. Capital crimes such as murder usually do not have a bail amount set due to the severity. Any charge that reveals indisputable evidence of bodily harm usually will not prompt a judge to set bail.

Getting Out of Jail

Assault bail assistance may help the perpetrator get out of jail for certain misdemeanor charges such as battery or the violation of a restraining order. Once you contact a bail bonds person, you can get out of jail relatively quickly either that day or the next day. You may have several questions related to posting bail using a bond.

For example, the bond amount that is used for assault bail assistance can be returned to you whether you are acquitted or convicted of the charges. However, you will not get back a 10% premium that is charged on the amount. The bail bond is used to guarantee that you will show up for court on the required court date. If you do not show up, a bail recovery agent is hired by the bail bond service to locate and arrest you.

Where to Learn More About Bail Bonds and the Process

You can learn further details about the bail bond process when you contact a bail bond representative such as San Marcos Bail Bonds today. Learn all you can about the process and comply with the court’s requests. Doing so will help you to turn a negative situation into a more positive outcome and help you plan your defense.