The Importance of Affordable Bail Bond Service in Winter Haven When an Innocent Person Does Not Want a Plea Bargain

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When people have come through an upsetting time in their lives, they may look back at certain positive events during that time frame and be grateful for those moments. After a person has been arrested for a criminal offense he or she did not commit, being able to obtain prompt and Affordable Bail Bond Service in Winter Haven is one of those moments.

Disturbing Reports

In states where bail bond service is not allowed by law, there are reports of innocent people being stuck in jail for weeks or even months as they wait for their case to be resolved. Working-class men and women often don’t have enough in savings to pay cash bail and they don’t own real estate to use for collateral. In contrast, when Affordable Bail Bond Service in Winter Haven is available, defendants are better able to promptly regain their freedom and return home.

Paying for the Bond Fee

With 10 percent of cash bail being the usual fee for a bail Bondsman, this is an easier option for defendants, but they still may have trouble coming up with that money all at once. Many bonding services accept credit cards or down payments with a monthly payment arrangement. When an innocent individual has been charged with a crime, this person knows the importance of hiring skilled legal counsel to rapidly get started on an aggressive and effective defense. This person may need to divide available money between the bonding service and the law firm.

The Problem of the Plea Bargain

A defense lawyer has the option of trying to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney, but an innocent client may not want to go that route. This person wants to wait for trial, knowing that there is enough evidence for exoneration. Yet trials often are not scheduled for months after a person is arrested. During those long weeks, a defendant risks losing his or her job, home and custody of children. The person’s life can completely unravel. Many decide to accept a plea bargain to prevent all of these consequences. That is not necessary with the assistance of an agency like Zona Long Bail Bonds.