Understanding the Service of a Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Courts accept surety bonds as a substitute for cash bail from licensed agencies. The posting of this financial instrument by a Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth allows a defendant to be released from jail before trial. The defendant, or someone acting on behalf of this person, must pay the bonding agency a fee that is a percentage of bail.

An Example

The service fee is nonrefundable, unlike bail. Nevertheless, the surety bond is essential for a large number of defendants who cannot afford bail set by the court. If bail has been set at $4,000, the bonding fee typically would be $400. Someone might have $400 in a checking account, but $4,000 is much more than the total amount of money the person has in all financial accounts combined.

The Function of Surety Bonds

Many types of bonds can be obtained, but only one is connected with paying bail. Surety bonds function as an insurance policy. They guarantee that either someone will fulfill an obligation or that money will be paid if the obligation is not met.

Bail Jumping

If the customer of a Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth does not appear for a court date, the bonding agency now owes the court the full amount of cash bail. For this reason, the agency has to be careful about which applicants it approves for a surety bond. Anyone viewed as a flight risk may not be able to get a bond.

If the customer flees, the agency sends out a fugitive recovery agent to track down the defendant. The court also issues a warrant for the person’s arrest. Skipping bail is a crime, and the criminal charge is added to the existing charges. If the original charge was a felony, bail jumping might also be considered a felony.

Applying for a Bond

The process of applying for the service from an organization like Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds is relatively quick. It can be completed no matter what day or time it is since the agents know that getting the defendant out of jail promptly is imperative for their customers. Visit us online to get started.