What Actually Happens When People Skip Bail in San Diego, California?

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

Court is one of the most important obligations imaginable. Missing court dates can quite literally land people in jail, as well as made responsible for paying fines or being unfairly treated throughout the remainder of trial. Still, people end up skipping bail, whether on purpose or inadvertently – here’s what can happen.

What Should Be Done After Missing Court?

These steps should only be considered by people who didn’t know they had court and have already missed their appointment – they can’t be relied on to get defendants out of serious trouble if they choose to miss. First, defendants’ attorneys should be contacted. Next, bondsmen who provided defendants’ jail bonds in San Diego should be reached out to.

Additional Bail May Be Required

Although uncommon, some people who miss court who are also on bail are asked to post a cash bond of their own in order to reschedule. This is to keep defendants honest and demonstrate to others that missing court isn’t a game – it’s serious.

Certain Situations Often Warrant Rescheduling

Unless defendants get in major, life-threatening accidents in the hours before court and can undeniably prove it, they need to reach out to court clerks well ahead of time to see if rescheduling requests can be granted. Things like immediate family members’ funerals, highly important medical procedures that can’t be postponed, and other equally-serious, legitimate happenings can influence courts to proactively reschedule defendants’ court dates.

Bondsmen Work with Defendants, Helping Them Grow

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