What Are the Benefits of 24-Hour Bail Bondsmen in Kingston, NY?

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In New York, criminal defendants have only two ways to get out of jail if bail is required. They have the option to pay for a surety bond – which equates to paying their full bail – or they can get a bail bond that requires a percentage of the bail. 24-hour bail bondsmen in Kingston, NY provide details about the options.

Getting Out Soon

The bail bondsman acquires the necessary information from the defendant or even the correctional officers. They can also negotiate with the judge for a bail amount if they attend the arraignment. In some cases, the judge releases the defendant in the bondman’s custody.

Access to Bail Bondsmen in Jail

Some county jails allow the bail bondsmen to visit the defendants at the jail. If this is possible, then the criminal defendant has a chance to pay for their bond themselves. If the officers allow the defendant access to their personal effects, then the defendant can give the bondsman the money for their bond themselves.

Faster Processing of the Bail Bond

The bondsman needs certain details about the defendant when processing their bail bond. If the defendant cannot get all of the details, then the bail bondsman can contact the jail and the criminal court clerk for the info. Once they have all the details, the bondsman creates the necessary documents to give to the judge. After they are paid, the bail bondsman gives the documents to the county jail.

Possible Weekend Release

With some bail bondsmen, it is possible for the defendant to get out of jail on the weekend. Bondsmen make connections with local judges and have more access to them even if they aren’t in court. If possible, the bondsman can visit the judge at home or meet with them to get the necessary signatures.

In New York, criminal defendants get out of jail when they post bail or get a bail bond. A bondsman can assist them by providing a bail bond at a percentage of the bail. Criminal defendants who need info about bonds can contact 24-hour bail bondsmen in Kingston, NY or visit website right now.