What Should You Know About Bail Bondsmen Service In CT

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Misdemeanor Bonds

In Connecticut, a bail bondsman provides help for defendants who are eligible for release. The bondsmen create all necessary documents to get the bail bond in the right hands. A local bail bondsmen service in CT presents comprehensive bonding services for all eligible inmates.

Can All Criminal Defendants Obtain a Bond?

No, the defendant can obtain a bond only if the judge approves bail. Any criminal defendants who have an extensive criminal history or are considered a flight risk will not receive bail. Defendants who have a history of failing to appear in court are less likely to acquire bail during their arraignment.

Does the Defendant Have to Manage Their Bond?

No, the defendant’s representative can make all arrangments for purchasing the bail bond. The representative is a family member or an attorney in most instances. The criminal defendant may need to sign documents after they complete out-processing. Included in the documentation are the terms of the defendant’s release, which much be followed completely.

Common Terms of Release

The most obvious of the terms is that the defendant cannot be arrested for another crime. The judge may require the defendant to refrain from contacting the victim or the victim’s family. The defendant must also refrain from consuming alcohol and using controlled substances. If the defendant fails to comply with the terms, he or she is rearrested, and their bond is revoked.

Who Acquires a Second Bail Bond?

Criminal defendants who incur additional criminal charges could acquire a second bail bond to get released. However, the new charge cannot be related to a violation of their terms of release. It is highly unlikely that any criminal defendant will receive a new bond if they violated their terms of release.

In Connecticut, a bail bondsman manages a release from the county jail for eligible defendants. The process involves a bail bond that is used instead of paying the full bail value. The bonding agent acts as a representative for the defendant and delivers the release papers to the jail. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about a Bail Bondsmen Service in CT are encouraged to browse our website right now.

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