What You Should Know About Misdemeanor Charges And Bail

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

In Tyler, TX, misdemeanor charges lead to less strict criminal punishments. However, the crime committed and the defendant’s history could determine if a higher classification is applied. Typically, misdemeanor charges don’t have as severe of an impact on the defendant’s life. A local attorney could provide information about Misdemeanor Charges and how the defendant can acquire bail.

What is Released on Their Own Recognizance?

The expression indicates that the court allowed the criminal defendant to leave on their own accord and without paying bail. When bail isn’t required, the defendant will sign documents at the county jail that explain the terms of their release. The individual is responsible for keeping track of all court dates and provisions themselves. An attorney could assist criminal defendants who are facing lesser misdemeanor charges with this possibility.

Do All Misdemeanor Charges Require Jail Time?

No, some misdemeanor charges are considered regulatory infractions and require the defendant to pay a fine if they are guilty. If the defendant stayed in jail after their arrest, the judge may suspend a jail sentence and state that the defendant has served their time already. The attorney reviews the exact charge and determines the projected penalty for the defendant according to their previous history.

Can Attorneys Assist with Bail?

Yes, attorneys could address the judge and acquire a lower bail value if the defendant doesn’t have a previous criminal history. However, the nature of the crime could play a role in the bail assignment. If the defendant cannot pay the full bail value, the attorney could assist them via the purchase of a bail bond.

The attorney could assist the criminal defendant by representing their interests with a bonding agent. The defendant could provide their attorney with the funds to pay for the bail bond or the deed or title for any collateral used.

In Tyler, TX, criminal defendants who are facing misdemeanor charges won’t incur hefty fines always. In fact, the defendant could avoid hefty costs and jail time with the assistance of an attorney. The attorney could also assist the defendant in procuring a bail bond if the individual is eligible for bail. Criminal defendants who are facing Misdemeanor Charges are encouraged to visit Sitename right now. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.