Why You May Need Notary Services in Athens, Texas

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

People need legal documents to be officially documented all the time, such as important letters that must go to businesses, wills, and other legal transactions. Such documentation is made legally authoritative by the person getting a notary public to notarize it, where the official seal serves as the proof. A bail bond agency can also provide notary services in Athens, Texas, and there are many reasons why people may need a notary public.

Reasons for Needing a Notary

When people need a document for a power of attorney, this is a job where a notary will witness the signature of the person who needs the document. It is not the document that is being notarized, but the signature of the person who needs the official and legal recognition. Another document in which the witness needs a notary signature is the transference of a deed of a home or property. This will come in handy if the person receiving the property would not normally be expected to get it, such as a family friend.

More Reasons

People also need a notary for different kinds of contracts, such as between business partners, or any other official transaction. Inmates sometimes need a notary public, and many bail bond agencies offer mobile notary public service, traveling to the jail to conduct business with the jailed person. It is important to use a notary for all legal documents to prove that the person was not being coerced to sign the document and that the parties who are signing the document are present.

A Notary Service in Texas

For people who live in Athens, Texas and need notary services, they can find many advertised in the Yellow Pages. A to Z Bail Bonds is a bail bonds agency in Athens, Texas that provides notary services for individuals in the area. Anyone in need of notary services in Athens, Texas can count on this agency. Contact us for more information.